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Hungary has been a popular tourist centre from people from all over Europe for years. It is not uncommon to see cars from Holland and Switzerland and even Scandinavia. Hungary is a beautifull country packed with historical sights and if thats not enough hungarian food and wine are simply the best in the world (or are we biased?).

One of our practises is in a hotel in Zalakaros. Zalakaros has a thermal lake (temperature around 100 c) and many people visit it for its healing properties or to just simply relax away the cares of a working week.

The Balaton
Just like a beach resort without the sand and salt. Lake Balaton is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Europe. You can find everything here that you would find at a beach resort, sunbathing, water sports (in warm water), discos, restaurants and pubs, but there are resorts for all types of people including families and those who prefer a quieter life.
A wide range of accomodation is available ranging from camp sites to top class hotels.

Buffalo reserve
There are around 80 Buffalo in this reserve at Kápolnapusztán. The place is a popular sightseeing place and is well equipped with car parks and walking paths.

Western Hungary is a truly beautfull place and happily for cyclists very flat. Why not try cycling around the Balaton. Cycles are available for hire in most resorts.

The fishing season in Hungary is between May 1 and Noveber 30. There are many places to practise this sport including the man made lake at Nagykanizsa., Csónakázó-tó and the Balaton itself. Carp, Pike, Perch and many other coarse water fish can be caught here.

Castles and churches
As you drive through our lovely countryside you will see many beautifull buildings. The church at Galambok.Község for example , the castle at Sumeg or the memorial at Zalavár

Keszthely is at the western end of Lake Balaton about 35 km from Zalakaros. Named the capital of the Balaton this city has a population of about 25,000. Keszthely is a pleasant town of grand houses, trees, and cafés.Visit the Festetics Palace built in 1745 which is full of artworks and antique furniture. There is a museam about the history of the lake, one for the experimental farming once carried out here, a dolls museam and even one for Marzipan.

Our main practise is in Nagykanizsa a town with a population of about 56,000 people. This town isn’t known for its sightseeing but with its squares and gardens it is a pleasant example of a typical hungarian town.

Whether you arrive hear, leave from here or go here on an excursion, you shouldn’t miss one of Europe’s most beautifull capital cities. It is packed with many beautifull things to see. Perhaps you could take a boat cruise on the Danube.
The night life caters for everyone’s tastes with clubs for Jazz, Blues, Rock standing shoulder to shoulder with conventional discos, theatres and cinemas.