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I think its best if I leave it to Dr Tamás Kovács to explain.

The forms of anethesis I use can be put into two groups:

Narcotic induced sleep

In this form of anethesis you unconcious for the duration of the operation. During this time we take care to monitor your blood pressure. heart rate, breathing and oxygen levels to ensure not even the smallest thing goes wrong.

After a typical narcosis the patient wakes up without feeling any ill effects and can go back to his normal activities.

Waking sedation.

With this form we switch off your nervous system and pain centres using a combination of gas and pain killers. You will be awake and will be able to talk to the doctor. When its all over you probably won’t remember anything that happened.

In general

The anesthesia will last around two hours but in this time the dentist can perform 5 or 6 corrections, so you only have to visit once.

The anesthesis can be used on the vast majority of people as long as they are physically fit enough to deal with the stress of the operation. You will have to meet the anethesist for a basic discussion and examination and in some extreme cases he may ask for laboratory or EKG tests.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Dr. Tamás Kovács