H-8800 Nagykanizsa Csengery u. 8. / Telefon: +36 93 318-887 / +36 30 946-7922 / Fax: +36 93 318-887 / Email: info@madedent.hu Online bejelentkezés, időpont foglalás


We have one dental office in 200 m2 . It is in a beautifull old building in Nagykanizsa . We are the Official Partner of the Hotel Mendan in Zalakaros, the town with the thermal baths (holiday/sightseeing). We also have a dental technician laboratory where the full range of prostheteses can be prepared. We have patients from many countries , like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Greece, UK, USA, Brasil … and of course Hungary.

Unless you are in our industry yourself the names of our machines we probably not mean much to you but rest assured our offices are packed with the most modern of equipment made by companies such as Siemens, Phillips, Ellexion etc.